Revised 08/09/02
Revised 08/09/02
This is the Nicholes family's web page.

Kate and Rocky, working in the scrub. Kate + Rocky

We love it when Grandma Jane visits. Jane, J.J., + Alice

Grandpa Mark is fun, too. Alice, J.J., + Mark

Swimming in the Musselshell River is cool - it's snowfed. Alice + J.J.

Our small flock is a 4-H project of Alice's. Rocky-dog, Kate, Nick, + J.J.  White lump is Molly-dog.

We have a big black cat. Southey

Lennep School does Field Day with Ringling and Shawmut Schools. Alice, J.J., + Merissa

Kate & Nick Nicholes
HC83-Bx532 10 Jawbone Rd
Martinsdale MT 59053
Home office: 406-572-3323
Answering machine OK for personal messages
                Fax by appointment

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