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Revised 08/09/02
Revised 08/09/02

This is Concise Logic's Privacy Policy page.
We take and retain notes on what you tell us about yourself.  This may include contact information, descriptions of your business and computer equipment, and personal interests just for fun.  Our notes help us support your use of our products, and help us figure out what products and services of ours may be most appropriate for you.  When new products are developed, our notes help us know who may be interested.

We don't sell our notes or mailing list, but we may use your contact information to contact you ourselves.  We honor requests to refrain from contact, and will remove your notes from our current file if you ask us to.

We may at some point sell Concise Logic or a particular project, such as the DRAINS program.  (Hard to imagine this happening before 2010.)  We cannot guarantee that our privacy policy would be continued by our successors, but we will encourage them to continue it.  We will retain or destroy, not sell, backups of older contact note files.

We do not allow marketers to take statistics from our website, and we do not accept website advertising that is not 100% browser neutral.  We may count visits to our pages or ask you to volunteer information to us, but we do not place files or content (a good example is "cookies") on any visitor's machine without their express request.

Internet Security Policy
We mark any of our pages that require JavaScript for proper operation.

We take precautions to ensure that materials you download from our site do not contain unwanted "extra" content such as viruses, trojan horse programs, or other malicious programming.

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