Kathryn G.H. Nicholes
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Programming and support position using computer programming, technical support, accounting, communication, research and project management skills proven by 18 years of successful, profitable self-employment.

Target Job
Desired Job Type: Contract, Flexible Hours or Part-Time.
Relocation: Temporary only.  Subsequent full or partial telecommute ideal.

Energetic, personable business professional with college degree and 18 years of consistently profitable small business ownership.  Fulfills multiple responsibilities competently.  Quickly proficient with technologies and methods - self-taught in multiple programming languages, design applications, and operating systems.  Produces timely special reports and accurate documentation.

Flexible and versatile - able to remain calm under pressure, and to improvise for the unexpected.  Fast typist.  Demonstrated research abilities.  Team player.  Patient and tactful with professionals, users, and customers at all levels.  Accustomed to handling confidential records.

* General Skills Summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------*
· General Office Skills · Accounting/Bookkeeping · Written Correspondence
· Computer Programming · Project Management · Report Preparation
· User Support · Troubleshooting · Internet Research
· Marketing & Sales · Professional Presentations · Customer Service
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*

Professional Experience - Recent work
Partner, with P.M. Nicholes, in Concise Logic computer services & consulting partnership 1983-present.  Recent project experience includes:

Office job-tracking & billing package for drain cleaners (1989-present.  dBase III/Clipper, migrated to FoxBASE+, migrated/enhanced to multi-user FoxPro 2.6 for DOS, Y2K testing and update.  DOS batch files, Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/Me/NT shortcuts and installation tools.  MS-DOS and Windows network setup.) Full responsibility for design, single- and multi-user version programming, documentation, data conversion utilities, sales, user training, and longterm support.  Released 7 major versions of this program 1990-2001.
The "DRAINS" office package is currently beloved by over 50 drain cleaning businesses for its ease of use, wide abilities, and superb support.

Roto-Rooter proprietary office software (job tracking & billing) pilot program (1993-2000, multiuser FoxPro/DOS, SatisFAXtion and FaxTalk, CO/Session and PC Anywhere 32)
Developed and delivered this low-cost proof-of-concept pilot program, which dramatically boosted revenues at its 40+ test sites and proved the effectiveness of computerizing contractor sites.  Supported and trained users by phone + modem - demonstrated feasibility of good inexpensive remote support.

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continued, Professional Experience - Recent work

Public Legal Services grant statistics package and attorney time tracking for Legal Services of New Jersey (1989-present.  dBase III, migrated to FoxBASE+, to multiuser FoxBASE+, to multiuser FoxPro 2.6 for DOS, interfaced with Word Perfect 5.0)

Bookkeeping and tax statistics program for Concise Logic partnership (1996-present.  FoxPro/DOS)
Bookkeeper and tax form preparer, purchasing agent, salesperson in-office and at trade shows, accounts receivable and human resources.  (Concise Logic 1983-present.  Lotus 1-2-3, FoxPro/DOS, BASICA, XyWrite)

Advertisement, product literature, and web page design (Concise Logic 1990-present.  HTML, NotePad/WordPad, ScanWise scanner software, MS Paint, Corel PhotoHouse and Corel PrintHouse image manipulation)

Internet Security setup and maintenance in-house and for clients, working under more-expert partner P.M. Nicholes.  (Concise Logic 1999-present.  System configuration, ZoneAlarm and InnoculateIT under MS Windows 98/ME, FPROT)
Maintains awareness of rapidly changing requirements for securing computers that use the Internet directly, or that are network members with Internet-enabled machines.

Linux setup and system administration, working under more-expert partner P.M. Nicholes.  (2001-present.  Slackware Linux, KDE, Elvis)
Is alert for Linux environment programming projects to develop these talents.

Online Portfolio

* Major Computer Skills Summary -------------------------------------------------------------*
· Operating systems Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/ME, MS-Win LANs, MS-DOS, Linux
· Relational databasesFoxPro 2.6 including multiuser, FoxBASE+, Clipper
· Languages HTML, BASIC, Pascal
· Scripts BATch files, XyWrite, Crosstalk modem scripts
· Assembler 6502, 8748
· Editors NotePad/WordPad, XyWrite
· Image manipulation ScanWise, MS Paint, Corel PhotoHouse, Corel PrintHouse
· Internet research Troubleshooting & fixes, purchasing (Netscape, Eudora, Opera)
* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*

"You've given me excellent telephone support, particularly during installation of DRAINS, but also to answer questions and even to help me configure my system." - Robert G. Wilson, Manager, Jim Dandy Sewer Services Inc.

"It has been a pleasure and a great opportunity to work with you on many occasions." - Jeff W. Anders, Manager of Training and Development, Roto-Rooter Services Company

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Professional Experience - Early work
Partner in Concise Logic 1983-present.  Earlier project experience includes:

Veterinary office package (1982-85.  Applesoft BASIC, migrated to Microsoft BASICA)
Spin magnetometer interface & data capture programming for Princeton University Geology Department (1983.  Applesoft BASIC, Apple II 6502 assembler)
Electron microprobe programming for Princeton University Geology Department (1983-84.  FLEXTRAN by Tracor Northern)
Instrument prototype.  Worked closely with circuit designer partner.  (1984.  8748 programmable chip machine language)
Container leasing investor payment package (1991-94.  FoxBASE+)
Maintenance and enhancement of orphaned custom Public Legal Services grant statistics package (1989.  dBase III)
Maintenance, enhancement, Y2K testing/update, and ongoing support of orphaned custom auto parts recycling bookkeeping package (1988-current.  Microshare Multiuser BASIC)
Customized auction alert newsletter production package (1991-93.  FoxBASE+)
VAX cabling, MICOM PABX switch programming, dialback modem system programming, and PC and terminal repair coordination for Law School Admissions Services.  Converted network of 4 VAX mainframes and 100+ terminals from manual switching to PABX switching.  Installed new stations and performed emergency repairs.  (1987-90.  VAX VMS, Crosstalk scripts, Lotus 1-2-3)

Professional Chronology & Employment History
Concise Logic (1983-present) Full partner/50% owner.  Projects listed above.
Mnemos (1986-87) Database manipulation (Pascal)
Computer Sciences Corporation (1985-86) T-1 link optimization.  (Pascal)
Interface Corporation (1983-85) Reception, circuit board modification, BASICA programming.
Lawrence Hospital for Animals (1982-83) Custom veterinary office package.  Human resources.  (Applesoft BASIC)
Chrysalis Homes (1981-1991) Real Estate / renovation partnership.  Full partner, partnership bookkeeper & purchasing agent.
Professional artist 1980-83.  Fine art prints, stained glass.
IBM (1978-79) Keypunch (2 summers as Temp worker).
Gallup Organization, Princeton NJ (1976-77) Keypunch, promoted to computer operator.

Michigan State University BA Philosophy 1980.  (FORTRAN 4, Fine Art)
Graduated with honors, Phi Beta Kappa

Miscellaneous Credentials
US Citizen
Clean driving record, Montana Driver's License
First Aid and CPR certified

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