Postell M. Nicholes
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Equipment maintenance position using mechanical, electronic, computer hardware, technical support, communication, research and project management skills proven by 18 years of successful, profitable self-employment.

Target Job
Desired Job Type: Long Weekend, Flexible Hours or Part-Time.
Relocation: Within 300 miles of Meagher Co, Montana only.

Meticulous, personable business professional with a talent for maintenance of vehicles, appliances, and electronics.  Fulfills multiple responsibilities competently.  Quickly proficient with technologies and methods - self-taught in welding, engine blueprinting, vehicle mechanics, electronic circuit repair, plumbing and pumps, electrical systems, computer control and sensing, and computer configuration.  Good diagnostician.  Produces accurate logs and documentation.

Flexible and versatile - able to remain calm under pressure, and to improvise for the unexpected.  Practical and inventive.  Can fabricate special tools and mountings.  Careful.  Conscientiously uses safety gear.  Fluently reads schematics, manuals, and reference materials.  Patient and tactful with co-workers and customers.  Accustomed to handling confidential records.

* General Skills Summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------*
· Vehicle tuneup · Engine/suspension/brake work · MIG welding
· Bodywork, HVLP paint · Air / power / hand tools · Fabrication
· Carburetor rebuilds · Diagnosis / troubleshooting · Report Preparation
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*

Professional Experience
Partner, with K.G.H. Nicholes, in Concise Logic computer services & consulting partnership 1983-present.  Project experience includes:

Computer hardware diagnosis and repair (1990-present.)

Internet Security setup and maintenance in-house and for clients.  (Concise Logic 1999-present.  System configuration, ZoneAlarm and InnoculateIT under MS Windows 98/ME, FPROT) Project leader.

Linux setup and system administration.  (2001-present.  Slackware Linux, KDE, Elvis) Project leader.

VAX cabling, PC and terminal repair for Law School Admissions Services.  (1987-90.)
      Converted network of 4 VAX mainframes and over 100 terminals from manual "T-bar" switching to PABX switching.  Installed new stations and performed emergency repairs.

Instrument prototype circuit designer.  Worked closely with chip programmer partner.  (1984.  8748 programmable chip)

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continued, Professional Experience

Spin magnetometer interface for Princeton University Geology Department (1983.  Apple II)

Office job-tracking & billing package for drain cleaners (1989-present.  Windows network setup, remote support.) Secondary support person under partner K.G.H. Nicholes.

Roto-Rooter proprietary office software (job tracking & billing) pilot program (1993-2000) Secondary support person under partner K.G.H. Nicholes.

Other Relevant Experience
1972 Volvo station wagon: Purchased in 1988 with 105,000 miles on the odometer.  Blueprinted the engine, replaced all suspension bushings & coil springs, added performance suspension parts.  Bodywork and HVLP paint job.  Dependable daily driver now has 324,000 miles, runs smoothly.

Two 3-to-4-speed transmission conversions in Chevrolet trucks.  One automatic-to-standard shift transmission conversion.

Extensive maintenance on carburetor and fuel injected Volvo 4cyls and Chevrolet 6cyls, including engine rebuilding.  Maintenance of miscellaneous other vehicles, lawn tractor, chainsaw and small engines.  Domestic maintenance of appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems.  Carpentry and renovation, antique electronic unit restoration.

Reloads rifle & pistol rounds.

Professional Chronology & Employment History
Concise Logic (1983-present) Computer services.  Full partner/50% owner.  Projects listed above.
Chrysalis Homes (1981-1991) Real Estate / renovation partnership.  Full partner, renovation projects team leader.
Grover Lumber Company (1974-79) Driver/delivery person.

University of Wisconsin 1973-74.

Miscellaneous Credentials
US Citizen
Montana Driver's License

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