Revised 08/09/02
Revised 08/09/02
Concise Logic business consulting

If one of the thoughts below is familiar, computerization of some office procedures may make your business easier to manage. 
There is no charge for an initial consulation with us.

I'm buried in paperwork.  My desk needs a snowshovel.  That stack in the corner is two months' invoices to file.
Our paper system works fine.  Why are my competitors all computerizing?

I hate it when I mislay a note and forget to do something I've promised.  Important new items keep pushing smaller things aside, and the little things get lost.
Our new bigger staff needs better coordination.  Our new hires need a solid office structure to help them learn our procedures.

Can the computer keep track of what I've done where / when, then find the notes when I need them?
Can the computer give me numbers for the tax forms? I need more sleep.

I'm so busy keeping up with my work, the billing just doesn't go out when it should.
I hate typing bills.

My office manager (secretary) is overworked.  Do we need to hire another person?

I know what I need, and it's not out there.

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