Revised 08/09/02
Revised 08/09/02
Concise Logic company history


Concise Logic is a two-person computer consulting business, established in 1983.  It consists of myself, Kate Nicholes, primarily responsible for software development and support, and my partner Nick Nicholes, primarily responsible for hardware maintenance, repairs, and circuit design and development.

Working together, we have carried out a range of integrated hardware/software projects, from maintaining the VAX cabling and installing a new data PABX at the busy Law School Application Services site in Newtown PA, to interfacing a digital spin magnetometer with a computer for Princeton University's Geology department.  We have also prototyped several scientific instruments.


Concise Logic has been helping small businesses from our beginning.  We support several custom programs that were "orphaned" by their authors.  We have considerable experience in converting information from one program's preferred format to another's.
We have expertise in designing systems to the specifications of small business owners/managers and scientists, and in helping them understand how computers can be most useful to them.  Our ability to design, code & build, test, and document a project both well and quickly is proven.


Our main sales focus for the past 7 years has been the software products we have developed for niche markets, mostly small business applications.  We currently sell nationally:

DRAINS provides income & job tracking for sewer & drain businesses.  We advertise this program nationwide in targeted publications. DRAINS has received compliments from users since its debut in 1990.  Revisions have added several major capabilities and numerous features.
DRAINS covers the income side of the sewer & drain business, from the initial trouble call, through dispatching, and on into history, perhaps with account charge information copied to Accounts Receivable on the way.
It does invoices, statements, sales tax reports, commission calculations, bank deposit reports, income analysis, and direct mail marketing.  It has excellent client and history lookup capabilities and routine service scheduling.  Customers and jobs can be found by several methods, including name, address, phone number, billing name, and job number.
DRAINS is an integrated program; each item is typed in once and then used wherever needed.

PETnHERD provides billing and health service reminders to mixed companion animal / ranch herd veterinary practices.


Other software systems that we have developed (and continue to support) are:

Bill Util - Billing for recurring charges, such as monthly utility fees.  Handles recurring fees, late & interest charges, USPS certification forms, collection reporting.

RRDRAINS - Roto-Rooter Services Company's proprietary, modified version of DRAINS.  This was the highly successful pilot project for their small site computerization program.

DISPATCH - Pre-scheduled service (only) for sewer & drain services.  DISPATCH's abilities are also found in DRAINS.

LEGALTIME - case tracking and attorney time reporting for public legal aid services.  Produces a wide variety of statistical reports supporting funding requests, and checks for conflict of legal interest when new clients are considered.

BIDALERT - produces customized newsletters on auction items via printer and/or FAX.  Includes customized advertisement selection capability.

INVESTOR / USED INVENTORY - truck chassis leasing investor payment system.

VETSYS - patient immunization, inventory, and income tracking for veterinary small animal practice.  We no longer promote this product; the companion animal veterinary software niche is occupied by many competitors with much larger advertising budgets than ours.


We employ a low-key sales approach.  We advertise our software in targeted publications and respond to phoned inquiries with a literature packet and an invitation to order a minimal-cost demo.  We have demo versions of all our nationally advertised software products.  To help potential customers evaluate us, our demos are fully functional except for a "capacity hobble" on a strategic file.
We get most of our consulting and programming business from word-of-mouth recommendations by present clients and customers.

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