Revised 08/09/02
Revised 08/09/02
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Shipping and Payment Information
Shipping Information
I charge actual shipping / tracking / insurance costs and no packing or handling fee, unless otherwise specified in an item's description.  I urge buyers to choose a trackable shipping method, and to insure their more costly purchases.

If you have a special need for speed, I will do my best, but I am a long way from any city.

Outgoing USPS mail must be driven to the post office (25 mile round trip) by about 3pm Mountain Time (5 Eastern) to leave same-day, or it will be picked up from our box by the regular postal carrier about 9am the next morning.

USPS (United States Postal Service) rates as of June 30 2002

Prompt delivery:

Priority Mail (2-3 day, usually):
1 lb $3.85;  2-70 lb package rates depend on zone - we have a zipcode chart, or check the post office's website (JavaScript in page code but it works with it turned off) USPS.comOur zipcode is 59053.

Priority Mail 'Delivery Confirmation' $0.45.
This provides a tracking number.  No signature required.

Insurance (any shipment except Express Mail):
$50 costs $1.30;  $100 costs $2.20;  addl. is $1/$100 up to $5K.

No hurry, less cost:

Parcel Post 1 lb usually $3.75.  Again, 2-70 lb package rates depend on zone.

Media Mail (books, CDs, videotape, software):
1 lb $1.42;  2 lbs $1.84;  3 lbs $2.26;  4 lbs $2.68;  5 lbs $3.10;  6 lbs $3.52;  7 lbs $3.94;
8 lbs $4.24;  9 lbs $4.54;  10 lbs $4.84;  11 lbs $5.14;  12 lbs $5.44;  +$.30/lb to 70#

Package Service 'Delivery Confirmation' $0.55.
This provides a tracking number.  No signature required.
Not available on first class mail.

Extremely urgent:

Express Mail (2 day guaranteed from my rural area post office):
8oz $13.65;  1 or 2 lbs $17.85;  3 lbs $21.05;  4 lbs $24.20;  etc.
Includes $100 insurance, addl. is $1.00 for each $100 up to $5K.
Includes a tracking number.

Lightweight, medium speed:

First class: 1st ounce $0.37, additional ounces add $0.23.

For really important stuff:

Certified mail record of shipment & delivery: $2.30

UPS (United Parcel Service)

My business is a UPS shipper.  The UPS truck usually arrives at or after 3pm Mountain Time M-F.  (That's 5 Eastern.)  The fastest I can ship out is UPS 2nd day air, due to my rural location.  UPS 3-day costs less and is an especially good value if you live on the East Coast.  UPS Ground service is cheapest and includes up to $100 insurance at no charge.  UPS charges me an extra $16.00 for the first package pickup of each week regardless of the speed of service.  (I try to eliminate or spread that charge out if I know I'll have more outgoing that week.)

FedX can pick up from me, but it may take them 3-4 days to do so.  (They are pretty good on the occasional delivery.)  Other carriers, like Airborne, RPS, and so on, are completely clueless in this remote area.

I will be glad to email a shipping quote for specific circumstances, or talk over options with you by phone.

Payment Types Accepted
I accept Paypal, Billpoint, credit cards (MC/VISA/AmEx/Discover through my business), money orders, cashier's checks etc.  These methods let me ship ASAP.  Regular personal or business checks are also welcome, but shipment then may wait on bank clearance.

Paypal lets you pay quickly and conveniently with a credit card, without giving out the credit card number to vendors.  Paypal is currently offering a $5 account credit to new accounts.  If you use this link to sign up:, I too will get a $5 account credit, for referring you.

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