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Revised 08/09/02
Revised 08/09/02

Concise Logic's News & Tips for DRAINS Users.
20 Mar 2002:  DRAINS Backup.  The PKZIP command used in DRAINS 3 and early versions of DRAINS 4 does not work with Windows NT or XP.  I recently made DRAINS' {NC} backup work properly with Windows XP and NT.
      Tech note:  I added quote marks around the parameters passed to PKZIP by DRAINS.  This prevents Windows XP and NT from mis-reading the ampersand as an end-of-command.
      For those with DRAINS 3, a modified batch file (DrBackXP.bat) and a desktop shortcut (DrBackXP.pif) are available - see the download page.
      If you are running DRAINS 4.02, check the file creation date of \DRAINS\DRAINS.FXP.  If it is 3/20/02 or later, you have an NT/XP compatible version.

12 Feb 2002:  DRAINS Remote Support.  We have successfully tested the Internet-based VNC (Virtual Network Computing) remote access program.  We expect to use VNC to support our users with Windows XP, which can't run pcAnywhere 8 or 9.
      Unlike pcAnywhere, VNC uses your local ISP dialup connection or DSL connection.  (pcAnywhere makes a telephone call to my machine in Montana, so long distance charges apply.)
      Any Windows system that has Internet access can run VNC.  XP is not required.       Please educate yourself on Internet Security if you are using your business machine to Internet with.  Concise Logic can help; give us a call.

01 Jan 2002:  DRAINS Remote Support.  Microsoft's Windows XP is not compatible with pcAnywhere 8 or 9, and Windows ME and 2000 are only compatible with pcAnywhere 9 upgraded to 9.21.
      If you are upgrading your operating system and/or equipment, please email me for my fact sheet on which pcAnywheres work with each version of Windows.  Migration support (moving DRAINS from one machine to another) is covered under DRAINS' standard support, so don't be shy.

15 Feb 2001:  DRAINS 4 is introduced at the 2001 Pumper Expo.

New features include:

{A/B/OB/K} Finder fees.  Keep track of payments due to people who refer work to you.
{B/D/O} New warranty periods available - 1 day, 1 week.
{B/OB/K} More detailed commission reporting.  Multiple splits, unusual commissions, bonuses, notes.
{B/OB} More job description area available.
{C} has new dispatching tools.
{BC/D/HE/L/OD} Up to 3 businesses can be handled in the same database, with intelligent return addressing on invoices and statements, and business separation on History reports.
{I} Accounts Payable has been replaced by the Site-Specific Auxiliary submenus.  This is a group of 9 12-item menus (A..L) where utility, special report, and other modules can be "plugged in" for convenient use without leaving DRAINS.  The old Accounts Payable module is available as a "plug in".
{JCB} The prescheduled service list now allows the selection of a primary sort by a worktype code appearing in the site's service notes.
{JC} A new function allows easy display of recent jobs for sites with scheduled service coming due.  {JCD} is now View History for Scheduled Service List Members, the old functions D..I are now E..J.
{NE} Backup disk / file test added.
{O} History reports {OD} and {OE} have been combined on {OD}. New limit and sort options have been added and report setup has been changed.

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