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Revised 08/09/02
Revised 08/09/02

The Drain Cleaner's Perfect Secretary

The drain cleaner's perfect secretary would be organized, fast, accurate, reliable, and have a perfect memory.  My computer program named DRAINS will help your office staff provide more perfect service to you, your techs, and your customers.

Think about the paperwork you'd like done easily in your office:
  Billing - keep the money flowing
Income Reports - for tax and investor reporting
Commission Reports - pay the guys
Accounts Receivable Reports - how much is owed?  who is late?
Pre-scheduled Service - be reliable about routine maintenance
Sales Tax Reports - keep the state content
and maybe
  Serviceperson Money Statistics Reports - check up on honesty
Mailings to customers - sell your services
Equipment Revenue Reports - target investment for maximum return
Job Finder Fees - reward referrals

DRAINS starts where you do, with your job records.  Individual job entries feed all of the above reports and more.

You will appreciate having several ways to look up customers and past jobs.  Organize the current work and remember the little stuff.

Your staff will love how easy it is to reach a real person at Concise Logic for support.

Want more information?

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