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Revised 08/09/02
Revised 08/09/02

Concise Logic company information
for DRAINS Users.
19 years of experience.  Concise Logic is a two-person partnership formed in 1983 to provide computer services, including consultation, programming, and hardware services.

Small and happy.  We two partners are a husband-wife team.  I, Kate Nicholes, do most of the programming and software support for our programs.  Nick Nicholes does most of the hardware work, Internet security consulting, and computer resources research.  It's great working with him.

Home office.  We live in rural Montana and have a home office.  That means we are generally easy to reach outside of our normal business hours.  This is especially nice for small business software support.

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HC83-Bx532 10 Jawbone Rd
Martinsdale MT 59053
Sales: 800-262-2617
Office: 406-572-3323
Usual hours: 9 to 430 Mountain Time weekdays
                Fax by appointment
                Sales: kghn@ttc-cmc.net
                Office: kghn@ttc-cmc.net
                Technical Support: kghn@ttc-cmc.net

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