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Revised 08/09/02
Revised 08/09/02

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
about DRAINS.
What does DRAINS cost?  Each revision of DRAINS is available in four versions: Single-user, Multi-session (simultaneous network use), and a demo version of each.  Either Demo is $35, Single-user is $1200, and Multi-session is $1800.  These prices include shipping.

What about support?  Purchase includes support through 12/31/2009.  Starting in 2010, there will probably be a yearly support fee.

What about upgrades?  In changing from one version to another, subtract what was paid for the version you have from the price of the version you want.  Expect to pay the difference.  For example, to upgrade from either demo to Single-user, $1200-35=$1165; to upgrade from Single to Multi, $1800-1200=$600.  If you paid $800 for version 2.13 in 1994, 4.02 Single today would cost you $400.
      If there is no price change, but we issue you a new CD or diskettes, there is a modest charge to cover the cost of materials and shipping.  This is often just $5 for a new CD or diskette set, and has never been more than $50 even with a new manual involved.
      Replacement disks and manuals are handled similarly.

Is there a way to try the program out?  That's what the Demo versions are for.  They can do everything the "Live" version can do, but are limited to a maximum of 250 clients and 500 jobs on file.
      A DRAINS demo version is a good place to start.  Try it with your equipment, test our support and training, use it to do some billing and run reports.  Once you're sure you like it, go live without losing any entered information.

Is more than one revision of DRAINS available?  DRAINS 4 was released in February 2001.  There's a list of its new features on the "News for DRAINS Users" page.  DRAINS 4.02 is the current version we sell today.
      The final version of the older DRAINS 3, DRAINS 3.08, is still available to those who want it.  It is Y2K OK.  The price is the same for 3 and 4.

Are older revisions still supported?  Yes.  Upgrades are not required for support.  We encourage upgrading by adding good features and keeping the upgrade cost low.

Can I run DRAINS at home or on a laptop in my truck as well as at the office?  Yes, our DRAINS use policy allows "slave" installations, whose data is updated from the "master" machine's database from time to time.  (How?  Restore the data from DRAINS data backup diskettes and run a reindex.)
      DRAINS does not have a data import/export, so any changes made on the "slave" are lost the next time its data is updated.  The additional machine(s) should be used for customer and history lookup, not for new information entry.
      Having a copy of DRAINS and your data at home lets you run reports, look up customers when you're on call, etc.  Very useful.

Can I install DRAINS on two machines, and run a different business on each of them?  Not if you only buy once.  Two databases would need two DRAINS licenses.  However, DRAINS 4.02 can handle billing and reports for up to 3 businesses in the same database.  Could your businesses share a customer file?

Can I buy a "used" copy of DRAINS from someone else and still get support?  Yes, the site license is transferrable.  In fact, we sometimes broker licenses for sites that no longer need or use their DRAINS.  Buying a "used" license for an older version and then upgrading to a current version is allowed.  Brokered licenses from Concise Logic are subject to availability - not many sites have stopped using DRAINS.

Do you accept credit cards?  Yes:  MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.  Other payment options include PayPal online and paying by check.  We sometimes let a customer pay in installments while using DRAINS - please contact Kate for details.

How do I order?

      Call our toll-free sales line 1-800-262-2617 to order.

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